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Does Bong Size Matter?

Does Bong Size Matter?

Posted by Puffr ,12th Jun 2021

For any smoker that has been smoking for any length of time, it’s commonly known that nothing creates a heightened smoking experience like the humble bong.

Regardless of what you smoke, having a custom bong in your bag of goodies is a must-have if you desire to get the most from your smoke experience. Because of the clever way it utilizes air, water, and fire, a customized bong can present the coolest and smoothest hit unlike any other joint or pipe. It’s also the fastest and easiest way to smoke.

If you’ve been smoking weed regularly now, your “budget” bong may have outlived its usefulness and it’s time to see what a wholesale smoke shop can offer, especially if you’re thinking of buying a new one. Thanks to the wide range of options and their benefits, finding the best smoking option can leave your head spinning. A common question among smoking enthusiasts is the bong’s size, particularly does bong size matter?


All jokes aside, this is a serious topic.

When you deeply consider the bong market, you’ll probably see that there are numerous shapes and sizes to select from that can satisfy your desire or throw it off. Even though a custom bong size may seem like a trivial factor to chew on, the truth is this: It plays a significant role in your overall smoking experience.

This is because the size of a customized bong relates directly to the volume of the hit it delivers. For example, if you enjoy humongous hits that will take you out in a single full-sized hit, then go for a bigger bong, definitely. But on the other hand, if your dream is longer smoking sessions and convenient hit sizes that let you enjoy the characteristics and flavor notes of every shred of your bud collection, then smaller bongs will be best.


Small to Medium bongs

If you’re new to smoking, it seems natural to want to start smaller and go from there. Fear not, because can buy a small custom bong that still meets your needs. When you start thinking of bonds, the image conjured in your mind could be of a smaller bong, which displays precisely why it’s a great option for newbies and veterans alike. Small bongs are normally an all-around choice because they’re ideal for smokers who want a well-balanced weed experience at home. Small bongs range in size from 10 to 14 inches in height, and these smallish feats of stoner engineering genius are sure to provide reasonable hits combined with a superior filtration experience and maybe even longer smoke draws.

Pros of small to medium bongs:

  • More discreet
  • Stronger flavor
  • Cheaper to buy
  • Easier maintenance

Cons of medium bongs

  • Smaller hits
  • Less percolation

Big bongs

Built for “big” smokers that require even bigger hits, a big, customized bong is certain to deliver a one-hit-knockout smoking experience as pure as they are huge.

Be warned, however. Some of these big bongs from a wholesale head shop are ginormous – reaching about 21 inches in height, or 30, if you’re throwing caution to the wind. These huge options have long stems which are ideal for high-patience smokers who crave more smoke per hit. If you’re desiring bigger hits that are made richer with longer drawing times and additional help from ice catchers and percolators, then power-delivering big bongs are for you.

Pros of big bongs:

  • More percolation
  • Bigger hits

Cons of big bongs

  • They use a lot of space
  • Offer weaker flavor
  • Require more maintenance
  • More expensive


Don’t forget the lesson that all smokers before you have learned – that selecting a bong size is important, even though there are many other factors to think about as well. One of those, is you must opt for the right material. Sure, glass bongs are the most fashionable, mainly due to aesthetic reasons, but they’re also considerably fragile, and the larger the glass custom bong, the more likely that it’ll crack at some point.

We also recommend to all our customers: Make sure that you buy a bong that’s sold by a highly trustworthy and respected company. If you do otherwise, you’ll be unable to immerse yourself in all the features that this kind of smoking implement has to offer. If the saying “you get what you pay for” sounds familiar, it certainly applies to bong shopping.

And let’s not forget about the price. Enjoying marijuana ultimately is about the experience, whether alone, or when in a group. Unless you can truly afford a customized bong that is ostentatious and includes all the attention-grabbing bells and whistles possible, buy what you can immediately afford and go from there. But if you’ll likely be using a bong often, you don’t want to go too cheap, as less expensive bongs are normally made with cheaper manufacturing techniques. Bottom line? Don’t overpay, either, if your budget doesn’t accommodate spending that much coin. If your friends aren’t impressed, who cares?!

Finally, whether you spend within your budget or go for broke, your investment deserves respect, care, and maintenance to ensure your bong lasts as long as you expect and provides the experience you’ve been told about. So, once you’ve selected the appropriate bong size, please make sure you take care of it as required and don't skip on the frequency of cleaning, either.