How To Find the Perfect Smoke Spot

How To Find the Perfect Smoke Spot

Posted by Puffr ,31st Aug 2023

A hot topic at our wholesale head shop is the evolving view of cannabis use in American culture. On some level, it seems like the struggle to free cannabis from legal and regulatory hell has finally been won in many states throughout the nation. However, resistance to cannabis use is still fierce in some parts of society. As a result, while it's increasingly unlikely you'll ever be busted for smoking weed it's also increasingly likely someone is going to take exception to you exercising your right to take. That makes finding a smoking sweet spot more important than ever, and in this guide, we're going to provide tips on how to do just that.

Five Tips for Finding Your Best Smoke Spot

The ideal smoke spot may turn out to be your buddy's man cave or it might wind up being a real cave. It may turn out to be the basement of your house or it might turn out to be a spot on a trail that provides an unmatched panoramic view. But whatever it is, it's out there now waiting for you. The trick is to find it. Here's how you do that.

ONE: Ask other people

Duh, right? Maybe, but you'd be surprised at how many people are reluctant to ask anyone about anything. They think it either A) makes them look dumb or B) opens them up to pranks and/or manipulation. We say "Chill out, dude!" There's no such thing as a dumb question. Asking is how we learn. So swallow your pride and ask a few people that you trust for their take on the ideal smoke spot. Somewhere in the myriad responses you get there's likely to be an answer that could open a door.

TWO: Take the initiative and look around

Maybe the best way to find that smoking sweet spot is to invest some time and energy in looking around yourself. One great thing about living in Colorado is the overwhelming abundance of natural beauty, so take advantage of it. Stash your custom bong into your backpack and take a hike. Literally. When you find a spot that seems like a good candidate, fire up your customized water pipe and see how you feel after you finish a bowl. Can you smoke without being bothered? Is the landscape before you eliciting long contemplative stares? Most of all, do you feel comfortable?

THREE: Take notes

Sometimes you have the time to explore and sometimes you don't. But even if you're pressed for time it's always possible that a potentially perfect smoking spot may present itself to you in passing. Don't lose track of it. Stop for a second and make a note of where it is and what you like about it and then return when you're not in such a rush. It doesn't have to be a pen and paper note. You can just take a quick photo of potential smoke spots with your phone, or pin locations on Google Maps.

FOUR: Build your own

Sometimes the best possible smoke spot for you is the one you build yourself. If you've been continually frustrated during your search for the Garden of Weeden and you have both the ways and the means, consider building your own sweet spot. There are a lot of advantages to this approach. Not only will you not have to wander far afield to reach your ideal spot, but you'll also have complete control over the atmosphere and accouterment such as the sound system, games, big screen TV for watching movies and streaming services, lighting, furnishings and everything else.

FIVE: Make it a game

Speaking of games... another great way to find the ultimate spot for putting your best pipe to use is to create a competition between yourself and your closest friends. Give everyone a week or two to come up with a choice and then visit all the candidate spots and vote on them. Whoever comes up with the winning spot doesn't have to supply any weed the first few times you all visit the space. Of course, the understanding here is that this will be a shared space, not a private getaway reserved only for yourself. If you're cool with that this method is likely to produce useful results.

Finding just the right spot to use your water pipe is important if you are to optimize your experience. But doing so will likely take some time and effort on your part. Still, when that ideal spot finally presents itself and all the wheels of your consciousness suddenly align in perfect synchronization the work you put into finding the spot will all seem worth it.

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