Heady vs. Scientific Glass: How Do They Compare?

Heady vs. Scientific Glass: How Do They Compare?

Posted by Puffr ,29th Dec 2023

These days there are more ways than ever to enjoy your dry herb. And yet despite all the competition from alternative devices the humble bong continues to rule the roost. There are a lot of reasons for that including the fact that no other device can provide the same kind of monster hits, you don't have to worry about the battery dying and bongs are extremely easy to use. Any debate around bongs typically begins when the discussion turns to which type is better: heady or scientific glass. In this post, the team at the Puffr wholesale head shop will contrast and compare the two types.

Heady Glass Vs. Scientific Glass

Most glass bongs made today fall into one of two categories: heady or scientific glass. If you have extensive experience with bongs you no doubt have settled on a favorite. But if you’re new to the world of the customized bong you may be wondering which type is better for you. To help you decide we’ve put together this head-to-head comparison describing what each one is and listing the advantages and disadvantages of each.

What is Heady Glass?

The term "heady" originated years ago when wholesale smoke shop owners would commission super-elaborate bongs they called "headpieces" which they would display prominently in an effort to attract customers. Hopefully, the people who came in to admire the headpiece would end up buying something else. Those headpieces wound up being so popular that they became a category of custom bongs in their own right. A category we now call "heady glass".

You don’t have to be a cannabis paraphernalia expert to spot heady glass. They’re the bongs whose outrageous designs and blinding color schemes elicit the "Whoa!" response in most people.

Advantages of Heady Glass

They make great objects to zone out on

If you’re at a party or just having a get-together with friends you’ll no doubt see at least a couple of stoners zoning out on the heady glass, perhaps with a wee bit of drool escaping the corner of their open mouth.

They’re unique

Heady glass bongs are incredible one-of-a-kind creations that have as much artistic value as they do practical value. This also means they often become the focus of collectors.


Because each piece of heady glass is unique, that means there are as many different designs as there are pieces of heady glass. You can’t say that about scientific glass, which is often mass-produced.

Disadvantages of Heady Glass


Real works of art are not cheap. That includes heady glass. So if you are thinking of going the heady glass route be prepared to shell out some real money.


Heady or not glass is glass. That means that if you drop it you’ll watch in horror as it shatters on the floor. And if you just paid $2,000 for that heady glass, the horror will be multiplied 2,000 times.

What is Scientific Glass?

Like science itself, scientific glass tends to be cold, dispassionate, and uncompromising. It is distinguished by its simplicity and high degree of functionality. While there are a few exceptions to the rule scientific glass is usually what people think about when they think about bongs.

Advantages of Scientific Glass


You know what you’re going to get with scientific glass. The hit will be cool and smooth and the bong itself will be easy to get a firm hold on.


Drop your heady glass and even if it doesn't shatter into a thousand pieces something is going to break off. With scientific glass, there are very few things to break off. Also, many scientific bongs are made using borosilicate glass which is far more resistant to breakage than standard glass.


Because scientific glass often uses standardized forms it is typically easier to find accessories for it. This means you should have a pretty easy time creating a customized water pipe.

Disadvantages of Scientific Glass

They’re unremarkable

If you’re looking for something to zone out on as the buzz rolls in you won’t find much to ponder with this type of bong. They are, quite frankly, a little boring.

When they get dirty there is no way to hide it

With heady glass, it's often difficult to see the gunk collecting on the inside. Not so with scientific glass. When your scientific glass bong is dirty everyone will see it.

The Verdict

Ultimately which type of bong you choose will be a matter of personal preference, and maybe budget as well since heady glass can be very pricey.

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