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How to Choose a Weed Grinder

How to Choose a Weed Grinder

Posted by Puffr ,7th Jan 2022

You're starting to realize that you're not getting as much out of your weed as you could be. Even though the outside of your nugs are getting smoked, there's an elusive inside that always stays green that you can never reach.

It's time to buy a grinder! Our wholesale head shop has a plethora of grinders to choose from. Use this extensive guide to find one that is right for you!


Here are some things to think about when you're buying a grinder.


Grinders come in a huge range of sizes- some are designed for travel while others are meant to grind humongous amounts of weed for those epic sessions.

Consider whether you'll be smoking out of a custom bong or wholesale glass pipes. The scope of your session matters!

If you tend to smoke a lot at your friend's house, it might be best to buy a small grinder that can easily fit in your bag or pocket. But if you like to get high as a kite in your room, a large grinder can help take you to new heights.


You could get a wooden or acrylic grinder, but you'll probably be replacing it sooner than you'd like. Even though they're more expensive upfront, a metal grinder will stay with you for years to come if you're willing to cough up a bit of extra cash.

Multiple Pieces

Herb grinders come in single-piece, two-piece, three-piece, or four-piece designs.

Two-piece grinders tend to have the most simple design, but are also less functional than single-piece grinders.

Three-piece grinders include a top, teeth for grinding, and a chamber that the weed falls into. The chamber makes it easy to gather up the processed weed, no matter how high you are.

Four-piece grinders are essentially three-piece grinders with an added pollen screen filter that catches all the fine particles so nothing gets wasted.


As much as we all want to get the fanciest, most state-of-the-art equipment, our budget always has to be a consideration.

Grinders can get expensive and some stoners forego using them altogether, opting for the more primal finger grind. However, having a grinder can help you get more out of your weed because the finer the weed, the more surface area there is to smoke.

But you don't have to drop a fortune to get a high-quality grinder. Once you decide what you're looking for, you can certainly find something that fits your needs and is within your budget if you do a little research.


Now that you have the basic rundown, it's time to look deeper into some of your options so you can choose one that's right for you.

SLX Grinder

The SLX has squared teeth that create a dense grind. It is made out of aerospace-grade aluminum with a ceramic coat. The chamber is shorter than average but is a breeze to empty. The pollen screen is very fine, so only the smallest bits fall through.

Sharpstone Grinder

Sharpstone is a well-beloved brand that creates everything from pocket-sized to larger-than-life grinders. They are made from aircraft aluminum with micromesh stainless steel pollen screens. They even have teflon o-rings for butter-smooth grinding. Your custom glass pipes will thank you if you use this trustworthy brand.

Hemper Aluminum Grinder

This is a great travel grinder that still manages to have a pollen scraper. No matter where you take this grinder, you're not sacrificing quality for size. The teeth are sharper than sharp and you won't be disappointed!

Groove Grinder

This grinder has a coaxial turbine and diamond-shaped teeth and requires little to no herb prep before grinding. Your flower will come out the other side fluffy as a cloud. It is made out of aero-space grade aluminum with an anodized coat finish for smooth grinding.

Aerospaced Grinder

The original Aerospaced Grinder has an ingenious textured top that helps you grip while you grind. It has an anodized finish so the metal has no chance of flaking into your herb. It's on the small side and is great for on-the-go grinding.

Space Case

This American-made, titanium grinder has a hefty price tag for good reason. It is a four-piece grinder with a deep chamber. At two and a half inches, it's perfect to keep on your desk at home for consistent use. It's made of a medical-grade stainless steel pollen screen and impeccable nylon o-rings for effortless rotation.

Santa Cruz Shredder

Ask any hardcore pothead about grinders and they'll tell you about the Santa Cruz Shredder. The threading, opening, and closing are all anodized to avoid deterioration. Your grind will be fluffier than you can imagine if you choose to use this household name.

Cali Crusher

The Cali Crusher has an easy-to-grip notched top and a two-way grind feature that can produce either a light or dense grind. Its quarter-turn lock makes opening and closing it as simple as pie and it has a lifetime warranty on its blades and teeth.


Alpaca is a tried-and-true brand that won't leave you wanting for more. It is incredibly durable, lightweight, and keeps odors in- a lethal combination that makes it perfect to throw in your pocket. It even has a patented design that dispenses your ground herb directly into your smoking device! Perfect for your customized bong.

Final Thoughts

Our wholesale head shop has you well taken care of for all your grinding needs.

Whether you're opting for a record-breaking whammy of a grinder or want something to slip in the pocket of your favorite jeans, there is a grinder out there for you!