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Keeping Your Bong Safe: A Few Tips

Keeping Your Bong Safe: A Few Tips

Posted by Puffr ,15th Sep 2021

People get attached to their custom bong. It’s not unlike the bond between a coffee lover and their favorite coffee mug. They are often crestfallen if the bong is broken, lost or stolen. The more time passes the more precious the bong becomes and the more concerned they get that something is going to happen to take their prized bong from them.

As a result, they start smoking defensively or even keeping their favorite bong squirreled away only to be used by them, while trotting out a backup when friends come over. But you don’t have to be that way with your bong as long as you follow these simple rules regarding custom bong purchase, use and maintenance.

Buy a Bong With Scientific Glass

Scientific glass is thicker and more durable than standard glass. That’s important because if you’ve partaken of a couple of particularly potent bowls there’s the chance you might lose your grip on your customized water pipe. Don’t want that. If it’s fashioned from scientific glass that’s 4mm thick, instead of standard glass that’s about 1/2 that, it stands a much better chance of surviving if it hits the table or floor. You can get scientific glass that’s even thicker than that, but then the law of diminishing returns takes over because while stronger, it’s also considerably heavier, which may lead some people to lose their grip and drop it.

Consider a Silicone Bong

If you’ve shelled out serious money for a customized bong your primary concern is making sure it isn’t ruined by the aforementioned accidental drop. Scientific glass is one way to reduce the odds of that happening. But if you want to virtually eliminate that chance, get a silicone bong. The typical silicone bong will withstand any drop you’re likely to experience around the house. They’re also a good choice to take traveling because they won’t crack when the baggage handlers are tossing your bag around. The downside? Purists will scoff at the fact that it’s not “real glass”.

Make Sure Your Bong Has a Wide Base

Late in the evening when people aren’t as sharp as they were earlier it’s not unusual for them to accidentally bump into a table or jostle the bong when they're reaching for something else. If the bong is top-heavy this could lead to a most unwelcome accident and bye-bye expensive custom water pipe. To prevent this type of tragedy make sure you buy a bong with a wide base. That wide, low center of gravity alone will end up saving your bong on countless occasions over the years.

Be Careful When Handling It

The next few tips have to do with handling your bong in a way that prevents accidents and ensures a long life. The first of those tips is 100% common sense: be careful when picking it up, passing it around and transporting it. Always make sure you have a good grip on the bong before you lift it up, don’t let go of it until you’re sure your bud has a nice firm grip, and spend a few extra bucks to get a bong bag so you can transport it without breaking it. We have a nice selection to choose from.

Don’t Leave It Exposed on a Table Overnight

This is especially important if you have pets. If you leave your expensive custom bong or hand pipe on the coffee table when you hit the sack, there’s a good chance that you’ll be awakened by the sound of breaking glass in the middle of the night. Your beloved pet didn’t mean to jostle the table and knock it over, but it happens more often than most bong owners are willing to admit. But it’s not all on your pets. There’s a good chance that you could wind up shuffling through the living room in the middle of the night on the way to the kitchen and bump into the table yourself. Always put the bong away in a safe place before going to bed.

Take It Apart Before Putting It Away

This is more of a best-case scenario tip than anything else. If you have the wherewithal to disassemble your bong before you call it a day then by all means, do so. Removing the bowl and downstem can help reduce the chance of accidents as you store the bong away for the night. It will also prevent you from accidentally breaking off the downstem on the kitchen counter or a door frame when you take the bong out the next day and are walking it to the living room. It’s just common sense. The fewer parts protruding from a custom water pipe the lower the chance of accidents.

The Importance of Maintenance

Finally, here are a couple of quick maintenance tips that will help ensure a long life for your bong. The first is to clean it regularly. If you wait until the glass inside is caked with months of residue you’ll have to work that much harder to clean it which will increase the odds that you damage your bong in the process. Second, make sure you empty the water out of the bong when you’re done with it. Always starting with fresh water will help ensure clean hits which, in turn, will help reduce the odds that you’ll gag on a skanky hit and accidentally drop your expensive customized water pipe.