Making a Smoking Room in Five Steps

Making a Smoking Room in Five Steps

Posted by Puffr ,7th Jan 2024

There’s a right place for everything. For example: If you’re having your buddies over from some beers you don’t want to sit at the dining room table all night. Likewise, if you really want to get the most from your expensive weed you don’t want to smoke in the garage, you want a dedicated smoking room that’s tripped out with everything you need to optimize the experience. In this post, the team at your favorite wholesale head shop take you through the steps of creating the ultimate smoking room. Enjoy.

5 Steps to Creating the Ultimate Smoking Room

Before we get started taking you through the steps of making the ultimate smoking room you need to select a room to dedicate to this august purpose. The process of elimination is typically the most effective way to choose the right venue.

For instance, you can eliminate the kitchen right off the bat. Ditto any active bedroom. Even if you have a large enclosed veranda that’s out because you don’t want your business to become the neighborhood’s business. How about the bathroom? Uh… don’t think so. The dining room? Nope.

So that leaves us with the living room, any unused bedrooms and any finished basement or attic. A finished basement or attic would be ideal, but if you don’t have one of those an unused bedroom can be converted into a smoking room as long as it’s big enough. Now let’s get started turning your chosen space into the ultimate smoking room.

Step 1: Make sure there’s plenty of comfy furniture

An heroic buzz calls for comfy furniture to sink into so it can be properly appreciated. So before you do anything else make sure your smoking room has enough comfy furniture for everyone you plan on having over. In most cases a big sofa and a couple of side chairs will do.

If you don’t have that kind of deluxe living room set to dedicate to your smoking room, or you have a recliner and maybe a two-seater sofa, augment it with a beanbag chair or two. And for God’s sake don’t forget the pillows and throw cushions! And while you’re at it invest in some trippy LED lights that will help set the mood.

Step 2: Ditto entertainment options

If you’ve decided to dedicate a finished basement to the cause of obtaining the ultimate high then it probably already has some type of entertainment system. That’s important because you want to be able to sink into your sofa and drift away to your favorite tunes, or queue up season 1 of Monty Python’s Flying Circus on the big screen TV and laugh until your appendix hurts.

If you’re starting with a bare room, start by securing some audio then move on to video. Get the best A/V system your budget will allow. Once the hardware is in place make sure you can make the most of it by creating several music playlists - hip-hop, heavy metal, alt-rock, jazz, classical etc etc… Each one should set a different mood and dovetail with the various types of high you experience.

Whatever you do be thoughtful about your choices. Try to create playlists that take the listener on a journey of sorts, with highs and lows and different spaces in between. And always throw in a few unexpected tracks - Patsy Cline baby! - just to keep the gray matter engaged.

Step 3: Outfit the space with the proper accessories

That means plenty of high quality paraphernalia including heady glass, a custom bong, customized glass pipes, chillums, dab rigs and such. In case of emergency you should always have plenty of rolling papers on hand just to be sure. Add to that a high quality grinder from our wholesale smoke shop, ashtrays, dab pads and anything else you can think of.

The more smoking options you provide the better. That way you can switch between them as the night goes on or let each of your guests choose their own preferred method of attaining nirvana. After all, it’s only good manners.

Step 4: Snacks, snacks and more snacks

If that herb you paid so much for is any good you’re going to need to have plenty of snacks on hand. The last thing you want is to have to scramble around the house looking for half-empty canisters of potato chips or leftover birthday cake when Mr. Muchie comes calling.

So stock up in advance on your favorite snacks whether they be sweet or salty, frozen or fried. (But try to go easy on the fried stuff, for your heart’s sake.) Chances are you already know exactly what type of tasty treats hit your sweet spot when you’re buzzed, so no excuses. And if what you really crave when you’re dazed is pizza, then keep the number of your favorite pizza shop on hand at all times.

Step 5: Make sure you always have a plentiful stash

If you’re having friends over for a buzz-a-thon you don’t want to have to call an end to the proceedings after a couple of circuits of your customized bong because you ran out of herb. You want to be sure there’s enough to last until the last stoner clears out and the dawn is peaking in around the edges of the window shade.

No great smoking room is complete without having plenty of your favorite consumables on hand. So before your guests arrive at the door make sure you have plenty of flower, edibles, concentrates, pre-rolls, vapables and anything else that will enable a stoner session for the ages.

Outfit Your Smoking Room by Visiting the Puffr Wholesale Smoke Shop

Creating the perfect smoking room isn’t as difficult as it might seem. All you really need is some comfy furniture, some trippy lights, access to audio and visual stimulation, plenty of stoner accessories, lots and lots of snacks and plenty of herb.

Make sure your smoking room is properly outfitted by paying a visit to the Puffer wholesale head shop where a splendid time is guaranteed for all.