Modular Bongs: What's Not to Love?!

Modular Bongs: What's Not to Love?!

Posted by Puffr ,21st Aug 2021
Updated on November 27 th 2023

Nearly everyone who has ever tried one winds up singing the praises of the bong when compared to hand pipes or papers. And it’s easy to understand why. The advantages of a bong, particularly a customized bong, are many and obvious and include:

  • Smoother hits - The water in the bong removes most of the heat and takes the bite off your hit. This allows you to enjoy your cannabis without suffering throat irritation.
  • Cleaner hits - It’s often impossible to tell if the cannabis you’re smoking has any mold or bacteria on it. Bong water filters the hit and prevents these unwanted visitors from winding up in your lungs.
  • Bigger hits - There’s simply no comparison to the size of a hit you’ll get from your bong, whether it's off the shelf or a custom bong.

We could go on but we trust you get the point. Whether you have an expensive customized bong or a cheap off-the-rack bong it's going to enhance your experience. So, what could be better? Well, how about a modular bong?

The Modular Bong is a Many Splendored Thing

We should say right off the top that enjoying the benefits of a modular bong does not require you to make a choice between it and your current bong, which we are sure has served you well and will continue to do so for years to come. We recommend you have both. What we’re here to do is make the argument for why you should add a modular bong to your cannabis kit. But before we do we should define what a modular bong is.

Modular Bong: Definition

A modular bong is just what it sounds like: a bong comprised of interchangeable parts. These parts are typically held together with clamps and can be arranged as you see fit. Most modular bongs have 3 parts, but some have as many as 5 or sometimes 6. Some manufacturers even make modular bongs whose parts are interchangeable, which really ramps up the design possibilities. There are some definite advantages to this type of bong and we’ll get into them now.

Five Good Reasons to Get a Modular Bong

  1. Portability - When your bong can be broken down into manageable pieces it’s much easier to transport from place to place than one whose design is fixed. With a modular bong then, you can expand your horizons and bring it with you to places you may have been hesitant to take your large, fixed bong. You won’t draw attention to yourself and you’ll be able to pack the pieces away safely, reducing the chance of breakage.
  2. Ease of maintenance - You'll notice right away how much easier it is to clean the modest-sized components of a modular bong than it is to reach into all the recesses of a fixed design. With a modular bong, every part of the inside is right at your fingertips. No more leaving parts you can't reach uncleaned. Modularity will not only allow you to clean your bong more thoroughly, but it will reduce the cleaning time significantly as well.
  3. You’ll be the envy of your friends - While your current custom bong is no doubt a style winner, the oohs and ahhs you’ll receive when you whip out your modular bong will be unprecedented. Your friends will turn a hulk-ish shade of green as they vainly try to keep their envy in check, and you’ll establish yourself as that person who understands what life is like on the cutting edge.
  4. If one part breaks all is not lost - If part of your beautiful, expensive customized bong should break you’ll need to retire the whole thing and buy a new one. That’s not the case with a modular bong. Should one of the 3 or 5 or however many components break your bong is still usable. You may even be able to get a replacement part from the manufacturer. It might take a few weeks for it to arrive, but even so, you can still use your modular bong while you're waiting for the part to arrive.
  5. It’s built to satisfy your whims - Nothing against your current custom bong but the modular bong speaks directly to that part of you that loathes repetition. Depending on how many modular components are available the design possibilities can be exceptional. You can try out different combinations to see which works best for you, or you can switch things around just because you’re in the mood to change things up. Say goodbye to ennui with your modular bong.

The Bottom Line

Modular bongs represent the newest stage in the evolution of this undeniably outstanding piece of cannabis culture paraphernalia. Whereas your current custom bong may be hard to transport, difficult to clean, and need to be replaced if it breaks, a modular bong can be disassembled for easy transport, disassembled for easy, thorough cleaning, and if you break a piece on the modular bong you can likely get a replacement. In addition, you can still use the bong while you wait for that replacement piece to arrive. So, as we said at the start: What’s not to like?