Nine Stoner-Approved Podcasts Worth a Listen

Nine Stoner-Approved Podcasts Worth a Listen

Posted by Puffr ,15th Aug 2023

Contrary to the image propagated in movies and TV shows most stoners are bright, thoughtful people with inquisitive personalities and an interest in the way the world, and even the universe, works. When they get high many seek out some sort of mental nourishment be it great art, a high-quality documentary, or, as is the case more and more these days, a podcast. We asked people at our wholesale head shop what podcasts they are listening to and combined that with what we discovered by researching the topic online. The evidence points to the following as being podcasts that stoners love.

ONE: Myths and Legends

Much of the way we view the world has been shaped by the myths and legends underpinning our culture. From the origins and meaning of dragons to the Norse gods who continue to shape popular culture through billion-dollar blockbusters, Myths & Legends digs deep into the stories our ancestors continue to whisper into our ears centuries after their deaths. It's heady stuff but it never veers into a dry recitation of academic papers. Instead, things are kept light and conversational. A great listen.

TWO: We Belong Dead

We Belong Dead is one of the premier podcasts out there dealing with all things macabre as filtered through a thick haze of cannabis smoke. A typical WBD podcast involves the hosts discussing quality horror they've seen recently, as well as some that fell flat, and going over the latest horror news related to upcoming films, streaming series, comic books, and more. There's always plenty of reefer-fueled mental riffing on the topic at hand to keep things lively.

THREE: Getting Doug With High

GDWH is not one of those podcasts that deal with heavy, deep, and real issues. Instead host Doug Benson seeks out various high-profile guests who also happen to be cannabis aficionados, shares a few bowls/joints with them, and then indulges in some stream-of-consciousness conversation with a decidedly off-balance view. Zany hijinx is virtually guaranteed as Doug and his guests dive down the rabbit hole into those nether regions of the mind where all that exist are unanswered questions.

FOUR: Hemmings Hot Rod BBQ

One comes from the world of big-budget advertising, and the other has been an automotive journalist for many years. What do they possibly have in common? Well, they both love to get high and they both love cars. Fortunately for the audience, they have radically different ideas of what constitutes a great car. Their discussions do the unthinkable by actually making the world of fuel injectors and Corinthian leather upholstery interesting to stoners in search of some mind candy.

FIVE: Stuff To Blow Your Mind

Once you've entered a state of expanded consciousness you'll need something to feed it. You'll find plenty of mind expansion sustenance on the Stuff to Blow Your Mind podcast. Each episode examines a topic that pushes the boundaries of understanding. From new discoveries made by the James Webb telescope to the scientific, sociological, and practical issues raised by AI, Stuff to Blow Your Mind assumes you approach it with an open mind and don't pull any intellectual punches.

SIX: Hello From the Magic Tavern

Hello From the Magic Tavern is a highly inventive podcast wherein your host Arnie interacts with characters inhabiting the imaginary, and quite magical, dimension of Foon. Just when you think you've got a hold of what's going on you suddenly realize you've been mentally transported to an altered state where things that don't make sense in Denver suddenly seem viable and even necessary. Make sure you pass around the custom bong several times before queuing up Hello From the Magic Tavern, just to ensure you're on the same wavelength as your host.

SEVEN: Welcome To Night Vale

Let's keep things in the fictional realm for another minute with Welcome to the Night Vale. The podcast typically airs on the first and 15th of every month and ‘originates' from the not-really town of Night Vale, located somewhere in the desert southwest of the US. The podcast presents news, ads, and announcements from and related to Night Vale, where everything seems pretty normal and buttoned down until you realize the people of Night Vale have their own definition of "normal". More than 40 characters are woven into the narrative including Earl Harlon, a celebrity chef with memory issues voiced by Wil Wheaton of Star Trek TNG fame.

EIGHT: Time Traveling Stoned

At our wholesale smoke shop, we've encountered quite a few fans of the Time Traveling Stoned podcast. Formerly known as the Stoner Morning Show this podcast examines everything from the paradox of time travel to teaching old dogs new tricks and asking a slew of strangers the same off-kilter question and noting the variety of responses. They've also touched on the importance of good brownies when time traveling, God and Elvis, intermittent fasting, and the Illuminati as well as asking ChatGPT to provide its two cents on the Fermi paradox. Never a dull moment at the Time Traveling Stoned podcast.

NINE: ArtiFact

ArtiFact is another one of those "free your mind" podcasts which, in this case, examines human creativity. Books, paintings, music, and more from the dawn of civilization to the present day are all on the table and dissected with alacrity by hosts Alex Sheremet and Joel Parrish, along with a variety of guests and co-hosts. Everyone is free to provide their take on subjects ranging from The Epic of Gilgamesh, whether the Unabomber was right, Jessica Schneider's ekphrastic poetry, hot-button topics of the day, and the evolution (and coming obsolescence?) of photography. Not for the easily offended.

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