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Nine Things You Should Do While You're Stoned

Nine Things You Should Do While You're Stoned

Posted by Puffr ,13th Oct 2021

Not everything is better when you’re high. For example, it’s extremely difficult to make a lucid, convincing presentation on a serious subject if you’re totally baked. And anyone who says sex is better when they’re stoned out of their minds has probably never had sex when they’re not stoned.

That said, there are plenty of things you can do after you’ve given your custom bong a workout that will be enjoyable, enlightening or incredibly uplifting. We polled everyone here at the wholesale head shop and the results are in: these are nine things you definitely should do while you’re stoned.

1: Eat

Ahh, the munchies. The chemical whys and hows behind the munchies aren’t as important as the munchies themselves. After sparking up a couple of doobies most people want to eat, so it’s a perfect opportunity to head out to that Ethiopian or Vietnamese restaurant and try something new. Expand your culinary horizons a bit and satisfy your insatiable food cravings at the same time. What could be better?

2: Watch Monty Python

If you’ve never had the pleasure of watching the groundbreaking absurdist humor of Monty Python’s Flying Circus there is no better time than after you’ve cooked up a few bowls in your customized bong. “Spam”, “The Argument Clinic”, “The Dead Parrot Sketch", "Upper Class Twit of the Year" and more will speak to you when you're high in a way few other things ever will. All in all, there are 45 episodes of the Monty Python TV show, several movies, albums and more so there are surreal comedic insights aplenty to keep you laughing hysterically.

3: Listen to Music

The same type of insights that manifest when you’re high and watching Monty Python also manifest when you’re high and listening to music. You’ll be aware of textures you never noticed before, lyrics you used to think opaque and inaccessible will suddenly make sense and the genius of people like Mozart and Miles Davis will become blazingly apparent. Music is the language of the soul, and good weed opens the windows and doors of your soul to let in the sights and sounds.

4: Exercise Your Creativity

Whether you fancy yourself a writer, a painter, a manga artist, guitar player or dancer your creativity is likely to get a significant boost when you’re stoned. Instead of smoking a few bowls with your custom bong and then spacing out, pick up a pencil and paper and start drawing. Open the laptop and start writing. Go over to that painting that’s been sitting unfinished on your easel for months and have at it. The best way to exercise your creativity when high is to abandon all preconceptions and just let your imagination wander. It’ll probably take you to places you never thought you were capable of going.

5: Meditate

A lot of people find that meditating when they’re stoned produces the most spiritually satisfying experience they ever had. The feeling of calm connectedness is intense and the level of introspection they experience unprecedented. It’s often the same with people and yoga. Their practice takes on surreal overtones simply not available when practicing straight. If meditation, yoga or pilates are a part of your life we suggest trying them with a nice buzz on. We’re pretty sure you’ll be impressed.

6: Watch a Movie

A lot of people aren’t into physical activity when they’re high. Their thing is to kick back and revel in the moment. This impulse doesn’t have to always mean zoning out, however. It’s actually perfect for making some nachos and watching a movie. Stoner comedies like “Dude, Where’s My Car?” are always a good choice, but so too are more intellectually stimulating flicks like “Dark City”, “Blade Runner 2049” or stunning, moody epics like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. If you really want to blow your own mind, put on David Lynch’s surreal masterpiece “Eraserhead”.

7: Get Heavy, Deep, and Real

Conversations tend to go to wonderful, unexpected places when both parties have spent time imbibing from the customized bong. Sure, sometimes such conversations peter out, but even then they can open new vistas of comprehension in the process that will pay off in your daily life in myriad ways. That’s because when you’re high you tend not to edit yourself to the extent that you do when you’re not high. This often results in a heartfelt exploration of obscure concepts and ideas that circle back to and inform your daily experience.

8: Go for a Hike

Take your custom bong to the woods with you and spark up a couple of bowls after you break for lunch or to set up camp for the night. Surrounded by nature in its purest form you’ll see things, hear things, and experience things in a deeper, more satisfying way. Getting stoned before dinner is also a good way to ensure you’ll eat enough to power the next day’s hike.

9: Visit a Museum

You might be amazed at how much different art objects can seem after a few tokes on the customized bong. You might see connections between Van Gogh’s intense color palette and vibrant brush strokes and the graffiti art of Keith Haring. You might realize for the first time that those dusty old Rembrandts possess atmosphere that’s custom made for contemplation, or that the large shaped-canvas paintings of the late, great Elizabeth Murray seem to open a channel to an entirely different, parallel world.