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Six Reasons Why Glass Bongs Beat Other Materials

Six Reasons Why Glass Bongs Beat Other Materials

Posted by Puffr ,23rd Jun 2022

Bongs have been a staple of cannabis culture for as long as anyone can remember. There are a lot of reasons for their enduring popularity ranging from the fact that they enhance the communal experience, they waste no time producing a buzz, customized bongs are like functional works of art and they’re easier to use than rolling papers.

Bongs come in all sizes and shapes and may be fashioned from a variety of different materials, including plastic, silicone, ceramic, acrylic and glass. In this piece, we're going to make the argument that when shopping for a bong - whether an off-the-shelf piece or a custom bong - you should always default to glass. Here are six reasons why.

#1: They’re Environmentally Friendly

If you don’t dispose of your old acrylic bong in the proper manner chances are it’s going to wind up floating in the ocean for several thousand years. While glass won’t degrade overnight, it still breaks down faster than plastic. But before things ever come to that you can just recycle it. Glass can be entirely recycled and, unlike the recycling process for other materials, glass recycling is extremely simple. Keep in mind too that any type of plastic is derived from fossil fuels. Whereas glass is basically made from sand.

#2: A Glass Bong Makes For a Cleaner Experience

Plastic or other materials can harbor microbes that can be devilishly difficult to remove. Glass, on the other hand, is more difficult for malicious microbes to gain a foothold on. Not only that, but glass cleans up easier and more thoroughly than other materials. With so many people so conscious about the possible transmission of viruses these days you’ll want a bong that provides you the best chance to have a safe, hygienic and enjoyable experience. That is what custom glass pipes give you.

#3: It’s An Eye-Opener

A beautifully designed and executed custom bong is something to behold. Whether you’re an art lover or not you can’t help but appreciate the thought and effort that goes into the creation of some of these devices. A great bong is a conversation piece, a focus of attention, something to zone in on while enjoying the effects of your expensive cannabis and a centerpiece for your table even when you’re not using it. Think of it as an investment in your social life and your spirit.

#4: A Glass Bong Provides a Cool, Enjoyable Smoke

Smoking joints all the time can be hard on the throat. The same is true when using a cheap plastic bong. By contrast, a high-quality glass bong will filter most impurities from the smoke while cooling things down at the same time. The result is almost as low-impact as vaping because all of the worst qualities of the smoke have been largely neutralized. You can also get percolator bongs that take filtration to the next level as well as bongs with ice catchers that transform the hot smoke into a cool, silky smooth cloud. And of course, the visual treat provided by these high-end glass bongs is in a league of its own.

#5: Glass Bongs Are Cost-Effective

Sure, the bong costs a lot more than a pack of rolling papers. But over the life of the bong, you will get the extra expense back many times over in terms of savings. With an ounce of good weed costing $300 and more every bit that doesn't go up in smoke while the joint sits burning in someone's hand while they talk is money saved. Over the course of years, those savings will more than counter the cost of the bong.

And let’s not forget that papers aren’t free either. In fact, with quality papers costing as much as 10 cents each, and a typical ounce producing 80 joints that’s $8 on papers for every ounce. If you buy an ounce a month that’s $96 a year multiplied by, let’s say, 5 years. That’s nearly $500 on papers alone. Even if you cut the amount of weed in half that’s still nearly $250 on papers, or about the cost of a quality glass bong. So the savings on papers will pay for the bong, and the savings on weed will go in your pocket.

#6: The Custom Bong Is Timeless

As a leading wholesale head shop, we have seen a lot of cannabis-related trends come and go over the years. One thing that hasn't changed is people's affinity for glass bongs. Usually, when people decide to buy an acrylic or ceramic bong instead of a glass one it's because they're on a tight budget. Often times we'll see those who bought an acrylic bong a couple of years earlier return to purchase a customized bong made of glass when their financial situation improves. That’s because there is just no arguing with the timeless quality and craftsmanship that are a part of the aura surrounding the glass bong.

The Bottom Line

If cannabis culture can be said to have institutions the glass bong is certainly one of them. The glass bong provides peerless visual and practical benefits that cannot be found in any other piece of weed paraphernalia. If you're looking for a high-quality glass bong for personal use, or wholesale glass pipes for your own shop, get in touch with our online smoke shop team by calling us at 1 (888) 316-4572, or write to us at [email protected]

While there may be some instances where this is the case, the greater truth is that bowl coatings, when done right, can add value to the product and "value added" is a phrase that is music to most manufacturers' ears. The notion that pipe makers are engaged in some kind of briar conspiracy to mask the flaws in their product seems a bit far-fetched, considering the practical benefits coatings can provide. Also, trying to hide flaws in such a way is bound to fail in the long run. Eventually, someone would be able to provide irrefutable proof of any deception and the pipe maker's reputation would be ruined.


It’s pretty widely accepted that nonorganic bowl coatings can sometimes alter the smoking experience (to what degree depends on who you talk to). However, bowl coatings in general should not be considered a bad thing.

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