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The Perfect Binge-Worthy TV Series for Stoners

The Perfect Binge-Worthy TV Series for Stoners

Posted by Puffr ,29th Jul 2022

When you’re high, sometimes all you want to do is watch TV. Especially if you got a heavy dose of Indica, you might be couch-bound for the next couple of hours.

And we’ve all been there- spending just as much time trying to figure out what to watch as we do spend watching it! The stoner’s mind is not cut out for making such important decisions.

That’s why our wholesale head shop has put together this chronicle of the most epic shows to watch while high. Some might be quite obvious, but others are hidden gems. You can thank us later!

Magic for Humans

Magic for Humans will blow your mind without smoking. Take a bong hit and it will explode your brain! Justin Willam is a mastermind on the streets of LA.

He’ll make things float, make people think they’ve disappeared, throw ham through solid glass onto the other side, and overall leave you convinced that the show is fake- but it’s not!

His charming personality helps keep the show lively. "Magic for Susans" is a great bit, where he performs magic only for people named Susan. "Trick Questions" is another funny part of the show, where he gives someone the answer to a question, does a magic trick, and then asks them the question…that they never know the answer to.

It’s hard to portray how amazing this show is with just words! Truly. It’s a favorite among our wholesale smoke shop’s employees. You have to see it for yourself!

Adventure Time

Adventure Time chronicles Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, Marceline the Vampire Queen, Princess Bubblegum, and a plethora of side characters as they save the world, make discoveries about themselves, and explore the strange world that is known as Ooo.

Their battles will feel like they’re in slow motion and their quests will feel more important than anything in the world while you’re blazed. Jake’s ability to stretch will boggle your mind, Marceline and Princess Bubblegum’s clashing personalities- and love story- will keep you on the edge of your seat, and you’ll finish at least one season no problem.

You and your trusty wholesale head shop are just like Finn and Jake - taking on the world, one adventure at a time.

The Office

A stoner classic, The Office is one of the most famous shows of our time. It’s a mockumentary that follows office workers throughout their day with mishaps, pranks, testimonials, and a crazy boss. And it’s perfect to binge while you’re high.

Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, is the star of the show. This boss is like a walking puppy and your least-favorite uncle all wrapped up in one. His total incapability, naivety, and overall capability to cause disasters will have you hooked. Weed will only amplify his hilariousness.

Pam and Jim’s love story is another fan-favorite as they confess their love in testimonials and you wish someone would just make a move!

Jim plays pranks on Dwight Shrute, portrayed by the legendary Rainn Wilson. Dwight is a stickler for rules and a no-funny-business employee whose reactions to the hectic office will leave you cackling. Dwight may even be the best character to watch stoned, with his quirky personality, mannerisms, and appearance.

With the help of our wholesale smoke shop, The Office can turn from a couple of laughs into pure bliss.

Nailed It

Nicole Byer is the life of the party in Nailed It, a show where amateur bakers attempt to make elaborate treats above their skill level.

Head over to your favorite wholesale smoke shop to prepare. This is a show that will knock your shoes off sober, let alone high! Buckle up, it’s a wild ride.

Watch as fondant falls off cakes, faces are terribly misshapen, panic buttons are pressed, and comparisons to the original design are downright tragic. Nicole and her guest judges' commentary only adds to the fun. If she rolls around on stage, don’t be alarmed. It’s just her personality!

To top it all off, professional baker Jacques Torres provides friendly, dry humor and always manages to make a punchline at the right moment.

The Mind, Explained

Stock up on supplies from our wholesale head shop and get ready to learn some boggling facts!

The Mind, Explained will leave your head full of unfathomable facts and make you question the inner workings of human existence. Covering subjects like memory, mindfulness, psychedelics, creativity, and brainwashing- you’ll ponder seemingly simple experiences in-depth with experts by your side.

When you’re sober, this show is a lot to take in. But when you’re high as a kite, it will feel like new areas of your mind are being unlocked as you travel through the human brain and its habits and abilities. We’re actually very impressive!

Final thoughts

If you’re stuck in a rut of watching the same show over and over again when you’re high, or find yourself endlessly, indecisively scrolling, this list is for you.

Some of these shows will make you laugh, some of them will blow your mind, and most of them will do both. We recommend tailoring your show choice to the kind of high you're experiencing. A headier high might benefit from The Mind, Explained or Magic for Humans - while body highs are great for Adventure Time and Nailed It. And anyone could benefit from The Office!

So gather some friends, snacks, bud, and blankets - it’s going to be a good night.