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The Weirdest Vape Flavors You Can Buy

The Weirdest Vape Flavors You Can Buy

Posted by Puffr ,21st Dec 2020

Ever since it first gained traction a little over 10 years ago vaping has been a work in progress. Those of us who sell wholesale vaporizer pens and accessories have watched with interest as the technology used to produce the vapors and the number of substances vaped have changed and expanded.

Today, if you are bored with your current vaping flavor you have so many other flavors to choose from it’s almost embarrassing. Of course, the proliferation of vape flavors means some of them are going to be a bit, let’s say, offbeat. Below, we’ve brought together the weirdest vape flavor you can buy.

The Weirdest Vape Flavors on the Market

Cheese Flavor - While it might not be our cup of tea there are apparently some people out there whose minds turn to dairy products when they think ‘vaping’. The result is a slew of recent vape flavors entering the market that include Blue Cheese, Nacho Cheese, Brie and even Mac and Cheese. That last one is apparently intended to satisfy a serious case of the munchies.

Chicken and Waffles Flavor - Yup. You read that right. Chicken and waffles is a real vape flavor. Why anyone would choose to vape chicken and waffles is one of the great mysteries of life. But it’s a real flavor and, according to our sources, one that sells pretty well. If you enjoy the taste of chicken, waffles and maple syrup you owe it to yourself to give this one a try.

Tuna Flavor - Most people enjoy a tuna sandwich or sub. If you’re one of them you should pick up some tuna flavored vape liquid and have at it. While it’s not quite the same as consuming a perfectly made tuna melt, tuna flavored vape liquid provides all the flavorful benefits with none of the mercury!

Doughnut Flavor - Hmmmm… dough nut… Whereas chicken and waffles may be something of an acquired taste for most people, you won’t have to twist anyone’s arm to get them to indulge in a doughnut flavored vape. With doughnut vaping you get the flavor explosion of your favorite populist pastry without suffering any of the gut-expanding, or diabetes-causing effects.

Coffee Flavor - Not just any coffee. Columbian coffee. If you love the smell and taste of coffee but can do without the caffeine (and don’t want to waste your time on decaf), try coffee flavored vape liquid. The flavor hit is robust and immediate. Your tastebuds will rejoice, the pleasure center of your brain will release endorphins and all will be right with the world.

Banana Split Flavor - Even those of us who run a vape shop for a living had to do a double-take on this one. But it's true. There is a banana split flavored vape juice out there. While it's short on the tactile satisfactions that come with ice cream, bananas, chocolate syrup and whipped cream, it more or less faithfully recreates the flavor sensations of everyone's favorite guilty indulgence.

Crab Leg Flavor - You thought vaping couldn’t get any weirder than tuna or banana split flavors? Think again, oh naive one, and say hello to crab leg flavor. Given that the taste of crab legs is very subtle (most of the flavor we associate with them comes from what we dip them in or mix the crab meat with) this is not a vape flavor for those who want a taste-bud centered rush.

Bacon Flavor - Unlike crab legs, bacon has a very distinctive flavor that is as scrumptious as the bacon is potentially hazardous to your health. Fortunately, you no longer have to put your arteries on the line to enjoy the flavor of bacon. Bacon flavor vape liquid will satisfy your bacon cravings without burdening you with mountains of saturated fat, salt and cholesterol.

Black Pepper Flavor - This one is something of a head-scratcher since black pepper is a condiment and not a food in and of itself. But black pepper vape liquid does indeed exist for those who just can't get enough of this oldest of all spices. If you pile the pepper onto every dish in sight, then you might want to try some black pepper e-juice to see if it meets your expectations.

Butter Flavor - This one is right up there with black pepper flavor in the head-scratching department. But there is no accounting for taste, as they say. And there are bound to be people out there who just can't live without the smooth, creamy taste of real butter. This ain't no corn oil margarine vape liquid. It's the real thing. Sort of. Okay, it's not really butter. But at least it's the real taste. Sort of.

Garlic Flavor - We end our trip through this rogue's gallery of vape liquids with one last food additive. This time it's everyone's favorite heart-healthy allium genus, garlic. If you get unnaturally excited when you smell garlic sautéing on the stove, then you should probably invest a couple of ducats in some garlic flavored vape liquid. It won't do much for your breath. But it should satisfy your soul.


Variety is the spice of life, and today there are enough vape flavors circulating to keep even jaded purveyors of wholesale vaporizers scouring the internet for new taste sensations to sample in their product. If you can’t find a vape flavor these days that speaks to you, well, you’re just not looking hard enough.